Sagio,   headquartered in Geneva (Switzerland), is an investment adviser specialized in alternative investments. Sagio manages more than $100M in several hedge funds 
  (Sniper, and Longview) and managed accounts for an international clientele. Since inception in 2002 the group has provided annualized returns in excess of 25% for its clients
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   Sagio - Company Profile

Sagio is an investment advisor specializing in alternative investments.

  The company provides its clients with investment vehicles which :
            are designed to perform under various market conditions
            have shown low to negative correlation to traditional investments as well as to other hedge fund styles.

  With headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, the company serves an international clientele that includes investment banks, pension funds, foundations and wealthy individuals.

  Managed accounts , Various funds and Structured notes give access to the investment strategy.

  Accounts managed by Sagio are based on an absolute return driven strategy through
             Investments in value-oriented Securities
             Event-driven Transactions
based on our core competency of thorough due diligence and corporate analysis.

  We are dedicated to generating outstanding returns which are relatively uncorrelated with the broader debt and equity markets.